An improved method to estimate net pay from seismic attributes

(See Quantitative assessment of the seismic net-pay method: A case study, Ramses G. Meza, Juan M. Florez, Stanislav Kuzmin, and John P. Castagna, SEG Interpretation Volume 3, Issue 2 May 2015)

Product overview

  • Corrects the average amplitude to seismic net-to-gross
  • Application of power law geological models provides more accurate synthetic datasets to test and optimise net pay estimation algorithms
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing seismic interpretation systems : Petrel*, OpendTect, OpenWorks® also ASCII
  • Rapid, robust, inexpensive and eliminates the need for expert users

Product description

Seismic Net Pay (SNP) estimates net pay from seismic attributes. SNP can estimate either net pay or net rock volume depending on the input data and the calibration. Seismic Net Pay is available as a plugin-in for Petrel, a plug-in for OpendTect and standalone with data connections to OpenWorks® and ASCII/SEGY. The basic algorithm is:

  • Pick top and base of reservoir on zero crossings of bandlimited impedance data
  • Extract average band-limited impedance
  • Estimate wavelet
  • Calculate detuning curve
  • Apply detuning curve to average band-limited impedance
  • Apply first guess calibration and calculate net pay
  • Adjust calibration using well data

For a description of the process please read: Connolly, P.A., 2005, Net pay estimation from seismic attributes, EAGE Extended Abstracts and Connolly, P.A, October 2007, A simple, robust algorithm for seismic net pay estimation, The Leading Edge.


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