GeoDataSync® Accelerate

Allows users to work on data between Petrel* and OpendTect without copying.


  • Access 3D seismic without copying
  • Import and export:
    2D & 3D seismic
    3D horizons
    Wells, logs & markers
    Polygon data
    Pick set data
  • Import & Export multiple items at once
  • Maintains data integrity
  • Easy to install, Easy to use

Product Description

GeoDataSync Accelerate plug-in for Petrel is an implementation of ARK CLS GeoDataSync, which allows Petrel software project users to access 3D seismic data volumes stored within an OpendTect survey without copying.

Once a connection has been established and data selected it can then be used in visualisation or within a Petrel software workflow. Information about the remotely selected data can be saved within a Petrel software project. Following the re-opening of the Petrel project at a later date, connection to OpendTect is automatically re-established allowing the selected remote data to be accessed once again.

ARK CLS GeoDataSync Accelerate is designed to remove the need to make copies of large seismic 3D data volumes but facilitate efficient workflow effort without duplication. For smaller datasets such as interpretative horizons and faults or well data Accelerate is intended to work a little differently. For such data sets Accelerate makes copying or synchronisation between interpretation data stores easier so the Geoscientist can focus on getting the job done rather than managing the data flow.

Accelerate your workflow.

GeoDataSync Accelerate plug-in availability

The latest release of Accelerate is available for download today.  Please contact us for more details.

Application support and maintenance

As with all our plug-ins, with a support and maintenance contract from ARK CLS Ltd, clients are informed of, and able to download the latest software updates.

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* is a mark of Schlumberger