Shapes spectra of seismic data to be consistent with the Earth’s reflectivity

Product overview

  • Seismic Spectral Blueing (SSB) extends seismic resolution without boosting undesirable noise
  • Enhances and broadens the frequency spectrum of 2D and 3D seismic data
  • Compensates for inherent whitening of seismic data during processing
  • Available as plug-in for Petrel* software,  a plug-in to OpendTect and standalone with connections to OpenWorks® and SEGY
  • See blueing in real time with our Graphic Viewer for seismic data.

Product description

It has been observed from reflectivity data obtained from wells that higher frequencies equate to higher amplitudes. This behaviour is true in a global sense and is referred to as the spectrum being blue. During the processing of seismic data the amplitudes are often whitened so losing resolution. Spectral shaping of seismic data using Seismic Spectral Blueing (SSB) enhances resolution without boosting noise to an unacceptable level.

Benefits of SSB

SSB sections are usually easier to interpret and reveal more information about the subsurface. Small scale faulting, not seen on the original section, is often observed. Such additional information is useful during well planning. SSB is rapid, easy to use, inexpensive, robust and does not require expert users.

SSB is available as a plugin-in for Petrel, a plug-in for OpendTect and as standalone with data connections to OpenWorks® and SEGY/ASCII.

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