Facility to transfer 3D seismic and horizon data between Petrel* and OpendTect

Product overview

  • Provides direct connection between Petrel* software and OpendTect software
  • Supports OpendTect V4.2 and above
  • Creates OpendTect surveys using extent data from Petrel software
  • Easy to import 3D seismic data
  • Easy to export 3D seismic data
  • Provides facility to import 3D horizon data including attribute data
  • Provides facility to export 3D horizon data including attribute data

Product description

OpendTect Connector (ODC) plug-in moves data quickly and efficiently between two of our industry’s leading software products, Petrel and OpendTect. Geoscientists will benefit from using best in class features of both Petrel and OpendTect to analyse and enhance their data in an effort to reduce risk.

The ODC plug-in allows you to quickly and easily transfer 3D seismic and 3D horizon data between Petrel and OpendTect. There is no need to consider data formatting as this is a direct connection. Creating new surveys and defining extents in OpendTect is easily achieved using this plug-in.


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* is a mark of Schlumberger