Pick and correlate well markers along random seismic tracks

Product overview

The Well Correlation Panel (WCP) plugin allows to pick well markers and correlate these from well-to-well, using seismic data to guide the correlations, in an interactive viewer. Provided the user has access to the HorizonCube, the HorizonCube slider can be used for detailed correlations.

WCP can also be used without seismic data to create conventional Well Correlation Panels.


Typically the user starts by constructing a random line through wells that are to be correlated. In the interactive viewer wells logs, stratigraphic columns, seismic data, horizons and HorizonCubes can be displayed and manipulated. Optionally a stratigraphic framework can be defined in the new Stratigraphy definition window.

A defined stratigraphy allows mapped horizons to be linked to stratigraphic markers. The Well Correlation Panel supports correlating in both depth and time domains. Time / Depth conversion and synthetic-to-seismic matching are closely integrated in the package.

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