Integrated potential field modelling software built from the seismic interpreter's perspective


  • Reduce exploration risk and uncertainty through full geophysical data integration within one 3D workspace
  • Obtain the maximum value from your potential field data through an interactive and easy to navigate user interface
  • Validate and test seismic interpretations through integration with an independent and cost effective dataset
  • Create robust and better constrained geological models in real time increasing exploration confidence
  • Output model bodies and horizons in either time or depth with user chosen properties
  • Determine property models in various formats, eg SEGY/ASCII
  • Available as a plug-in for Petrel* software and as a plug-in to OpendTect, offering a fully integrated interpretation workflow approach

Product description

XField is a powerful geophysical modelling tool that enables explorationists to analyse and seamlessly integrate potential field data alongside available seismic data. Geological models can be generated with more accuracy and confidence than was previously possible, reducing exploration uncertainty, risk and cost.

2D/2.5D geological models may be created in either time or depth through the integration of all available datasets (eg gravity, magnetics, gravity gradiometry, 2D seismic, 3D seismic, well log data, geological horizons, previous interpretations, topography) in a 3D interpretation workspace.

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