ARK CLS Seismic Toolbox is a bundle of our most popular software, it includes Seismic Coloured Inversion, Seismic Spectral Blueing, Seismic Net Pay and Seismic Feature Enhancement.

These tools allow the interpretation geoscientist to enhance and extract more information from seismic data and are proven to have consistently delivered high quality results quickly.  This is a cost effective way to purchase our plug-ins – you get all four of them for the price of two!

Available as a plug-in for Petrel*, plug-in to OpendTect and standalone with connections to OpenWorks® and SEGY


  • Seismic Coloured Inversion

A simple and fast technique to invert seismic data to band-limited relative elastic attributes Read more…

  • Seismic Spectral Blueing

Shapes the spectrum of seismic data to be consistent with the Earth’s reflectivity Read more…

  • Seismic Net Pay

An improved method to estimate net pay from seismic attributes Read more…

  • Seismic Feature Enhancement

A powerful flat-spot utility that enhances the signal of consistent flat events and reduces the ‘noise’ of channel reflections Read more…

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    * are marks of Schlumberger