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Range of Services

Integrated Potential Field Basin Modelling:

  • Integration of passive potential field measurements, such as gravity and magnetic data, can help to constrain structure where seismic data is poor – i.e. at depth or below high impedance horizons
  • Our integrated seismic, well data and potential field data studies will provide you with a much more constrained interpretation of structure and basin depth
  • Achieve more confidence in source rock distribution, migration pathways and trap locations, and be sure your team isn’t headed down a blind alley with their investigation


Spectral Shaping:

  • Coloured Inversion, which converts seismic amplitude data into band-limited impedance, leading to better interpretation of structure and a vital prerequisite for many interpretation and reservoir characterisation methods
  • Seismic Spectral Blueing – Broadening the high frequency end of the seismic spectrum increases the seismic resolution of data, allowing fine layering, folding and faulting to be more accurately interpreted
  • Seismic Broadband – Broadening of the entire seismic spectrum can lead to even better results for some datasets, again allowing an interpreter to get much more from his existing data, rather than needing costly reshooting


Detuning Studies:

  • The 3DTune workflow removes the effect of thickness dependent tuning from a 3D or 2D seismic dataset
  • Removes dangerous false bright spots, the most common reason behind dry wells
  • Strongly highlights true DHIs, including dim spot and polarity reversal flat spot pairs – previously easily overlooked, and thought to be the most underexploited type of hydrocarbon indicator
  • True, detuned amplitudes lead to better interpretation of all features, including horizons, faults and gas chimneys


Net Pay Studies:

  • Net-to-Gross and Net Pay studies highlight local concentrations of hydrocarbons in map view
  • Horizon focussed studies output 2D maps tailored to the properties of a known reservoir horizon, revealing sweet spots
  • New Net Pay Volume Inversion produces 3D datasets of both Net-to-Gross and Net Pay, tuned to the seismic of the study region, that can later be exported and viewed on any horizon of interest


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