A recent study comparing three net pay estimation methods concluded that the Seismic Net Pay (SNP) method as used in the ARK CLS software was the superior. This study entitled: Quantitative assessment of the seismic net-pay method: A case study by authors: Ramses G. Meza1, Juan M. Florez, Stanislav Kuzmin, BHP Billiton Petroleum and John P. Castagna, University of Houston is published SEG Interpretation Volume 3 Issue 2 (May 2015)

We recommend reading this paper as the conclusions are significant to subsurface management decision making. ARK CLS provides Seismic Coloured Inversion (SCI) and Seismic Net Pay (SNP) software in following variants:

  • Plug-in for Petrel*
  • Plug-in for OpendTect
  • Connects with OpendWorks/SeisWorks (the variant used in this study)
  • Connects with GeoFrame*
  • Standalone using SEGY and ASCII files

* is a mark of Schlumberger

ARK CLS acknowledges trademarks and registered trademarks of the respective owners

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