At the EAGE London|’13 much interest was shown in our new data connectivity initiative. GDS (GeoDataSync) as it is now named (previously ODS) is a technology which will bring a new level of data access efficiency to the E & P industry.

ARK CLS GDS is a technology enabler which facilitates collaborative working in a heterogeneous geotechnical software environment. Designed with steering from a major oil company, GDS will solve the problem of working with large 3D seismic data sets which need to be shared across different geotechnical software packages. Copying, importing and exporting huge data sets presents many data management problems and these tasks are frequently very time consuming. Geoscientists will wonder how they coped without GDS says Adrian Bennetton Managing Director for ARK CLS. Designed as a lightweight solution, GDS is easily installed and used. The idea is that GDS will work quietly in the background doing what the user needs whilst reducing his/her workload.


For more information see GeoDataSync