EAGEWe’ll be exhibiting at booth 802 and would like to tell you about some of the new developments we’ve made to our software:

  • Seismic Net Pay plug-in for Petrel* seismic to simulation software
  • Seismic Toolbox plug-in for Petrel software
  • Launch of our Seismic Net Pay software as a plug-in for OpendTect
  • Launch of our Seismic Feature Enhancement software as a plug-in for OpendTect

ARK CLS also offers a full bespoke software development service. Here we can productise your ideas or legacy software into powerful robust applications with connectivity to the major interpretation platforms. We use modern cross platform development framework allowing us to build products that will work both on Windows and Linux.

Come and see what we are doing!

* is a mark of Schlumberger


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