ARK CLS is pleased to announce the release of Seismic Net Pay and Seismic Toolbox plug-ins for Petrel* seismic to simulation software.

Our original Seismic Net Pay software is based on:

Connolly, P.A., 2005, Net pay estimation from seismic attributes, EAGE Extended Abstracts

Connolly, P.A, October 2007, A simple, robust algorithm for seismic net pay estimation, The Leading Edge

Now re-developed and enhanced as a plug-in for Petrel using the Ocean* software development framework, this software will provide the Petrel user community with a powerful net pay estimator. This software provides a significant improvement on reflectivity based techniques using seismic attributes, says: Rob Simm in his paper “Simple net pay estimation from seismic: a modeling study.”, First Break volume 27, September 2009

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Seismic Net Pay (SNP) estimates net pay from seismic attributes. More generally SNP can be used to make estimates of either net pay or net rock volume depending on the input data and the calibration. The application interfaces directly with Petrel to read and write horizon data.

Released at the same time is our Seismic Toolbox plug-in. This is our first combo package release providing Petrel users with workflow for reservoir characterisation. The package includes: Seismic Spectral Blueing, Seismic Coloured Inversion and Seismic Net Pay.

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Both SNP and STB plug-ins for Petrel software are downloadable at Schlumberger’s Ocean store at

* is a mark of Schlumberger