ARKeX, the provider of geophysical imaging services has contracted ARK CLS to develop ARKeX’s ARKFIELD™ software package.

ARKFIELD software enables the interpretation geophysicist to visualise, model and interpret potential field data in conjunction with 2D/3D seismic data. The agreement with ARK CLS will ensure that the future development of the software continues to build on the tight integration with seismic and other complementary data sets. The latest version of the software includes the ability to seamlessly integrate SEG-Y data with potential field data all within the same software package.

Further planned enhancements include:

  • 2D and 3D interpretation of seismic data and assembly of Earth model bodies

  • 2D and 3D forward calculation and inversion of gravity, gravity gradiometry and magnetic data

  • Incorporation of borehole and seismic attribute information

  • Export of SEG-Y seismic, velocity, density and magnetic susceptibility data

  • Integration of ARKFIELD functionality as a plug-in to OpendTect

“Having the capability to integrate different types of geophysical data seamlessly into standard interpretation and processing workflows is increasingly more important to our clients. ARK CLS’s expertise in seismic geophysics will ensure that the software continues to develop and meet these future requirements”, said Phill Houghton, ARKeX, VP Business Development.

About ARKeX

ARKeX provides geophysical surveys for the oil, gas and mineral exploration industry, using BlueQubeTM technology. BlueQube is a cutting-edge technology that gives explorationists an accurate picture of subsurface geology. The key technology in BlueQube is gravity gradiometry. It measures minute variations in the earth’s gravitational field to help image–from an airplane or ship– oil, gas and mineral bearing structures deep underground. ARKeX, based in Cambridge, UK, has offices in Sherington, UK, and Houston, USA, and has global operational capabilities.


Specialising in seismic geophysics, ARK CLS Limited provides custom programming services and products to enhance and improve seismic processing and interpretation of geoscience data in the upstream oil exploration sector.