2. Workstation access definition file (WorkStationLink)

You will find a file WorkStationLink_example in the arkcls subdirectory. This file can be used to facilitate the creation of a WorkStationLink file. If you do not place a WorkStationLink file file in a location specified in the Location of Program data files section of the OpendTect Administrators documentation, the 'normal mode' access will be used which requires that an environment must be prepared for SeisWorks or GeoFrame/IESX. If a WorkStationLink file is used the parameter 'Prefer direct Connection' must be set to 'Yes' as socket based I/O is no longer supported.

The following installation path should be followed:

1. Create environment script.

The workstation access server needs a proper Geoframe or OpenWorks/SeisWorks environment in order to do its work. It's a matter of duplicating the essential parts of the environment you get when starting up a GeoFrame or SeisWorks xterm in a csh script, e.g. for GeoFrame:

setenv GF_DAYS_TO_KEEP 30
setenv GF_HOME /users/gf/geoframe
setenv GF_PATH /users/gf/geoframe/geoframe_45_lnx

This file must be a csh file, since it is sourced by the OpendTect remote execution scripts. Anything that can be done in a csh script can be done there, including conditional things based on environment variables. The variables defined in the 'Host.x.TransferVariables' entry will be set before calling this script.

2. Make the WorkStationLink file.

Fill in the values as should be obvious from the example file. Some Notes: