Chapter 1. Introduction

In a professional E&P environment, access to corporate data stores is essential. Therefore, ARK CLS Ltd. has written a plugin package to access OpenWorks (2003.12 and R5000) and GeoFrame using their proprietary 'Ideal' toolkit. The Workstation Access plugin is a licensed commercial product wholly owned by ARK CLS Ltd.

The WSA (Workstation Access) plugin uses "vendor" toolkits supplied by Landmark and Schlumberger to connect to their respective data stores. This means the access is fast and reliable compared to more indirect approaches such as SEGY.

The WSA supports import and export of post-stack 3D and 2D Seismic data; import and export of 3D and 2D Horizons data; import and export of 3D Fault data and Well data import.

The plugin also delivers the possibility to help setup the survey parameters from the layout of a seismic cube in SeisWorks or GeoFrame. If the plugin is active, an option, Ranges/coordinate settings - Get from OpenWorks ..., will be available the Survey setup window. Select a cube from the list in the window that pops up and the survey layout and ranges will be filled in. You are then free to limit or sub-select if you need to study only part of that area.