3. Step-by-Step Guide

The Processing Controller is launched from the main SNP window.  It consists of a number of tabs that should be worked through consecutively.  However some iteration will generally be required to optimise the calibration.

  1. Open new project or existing project

  2. Select input horizons attributes

  3. Specify inline and crossline range

  4. Flag if reservoir is high or low impedance

  5. Load horizon data and generate maps and cross-plots

  6. Specify filter parameters and maximum reservoir thickness (ms)

  7. Specify self-calibration scaling value and dt range

  8. Specify pay/non-pay velocity ratio and apply correction

  9. Specify net-to-gross range and calculate net pay attributes

  10. Input well data – inline, crossline and net pay values

  11. Generate net pay crossplots

  12. Adjust well locations and/or adjust calibration scalar (loop to step 7)

  13. When calibration is optimised select output horizons

  14. Save data and exit

Refer to SNP Program Description for further information of each of these steps.

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