CLAS Lite (Computer Log Analysis Software) is an open-hole log analysis plugin by Sitfal for geoscientists providing tools for different purposes:

  • Log viewing and editing
  • Petrophysical analysis and computation of rock properties
  • Geophysical velocity analysis and linking log properties to seismic data



  • Advanced import of log data in LAS-format
  • Multi LAS Import for fast batch loading of well logs
  • Powerful log unit conversions, free vertical sampling (ideal for core data)
  • Logplots to view and edit log curves (baseline, patch, shift)
  • Multi-well & multi-log crossplots and histograms
  • Petrophysics: shale-volume, porosity, water saturation, net pay, reports
  • Velocity estimation (Geophysical time-depth functions)

Sitfal CLAS Lite Tutorial

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